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Why You Should Get Involved

Doing Good is Good for Business. We envision a hunger-free community. People helping people is a core foundation of our organization, as our devoted staff and volunteers help those who struggle with food insecurity.

Sustainability. When thinking about sustainability, thoughts may jump to the environment and sustaining the world in which we live through the protection of our planet. Another aspect of sustainability is investing in local charitable organizations, like the Bonney Lake Food Bank. Sustaining our community includes ensuring that our neighbors have access to the limited resources of the planet so they do not face food insecurity through hunger disparity.

Why get involved? It is a win-win situation. Companies who invest in their community reap immense business benefits:

  • Research indicates employees like working for companies that give back. This leads to increased employee satisfaction, creativity, and productivity; along with attracting new employees and retaining the existing workforce.

  • Your business will stand out from the competition. This may make your company more attractive to potential customers and strengthen your corporate image.

  • A positive reputation in the community may invite new customers and enhance customer loyalty.

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