Executive Summary

Hunger disparities affect all cultures and are rooted in the inequalities of those with the least social, economic, and political power. Our hope for our clients is that no one goes hungry. We strive to provide services that will break this vicious cycle.

Our work is grounded in four core values that guide our work:

  • Compassion - with a genuine concern for the welfare of those facing food insecurity, we treat all with dignity and respect.

  • Accountability and Trust - we are creating an environment through the integrity of our actions.

  • Equity and Social Justice – it is important to close the gaps and end hunger by providing those in need with equitable access to resources and nutritious food.

  • Teamwork – we cannot do this alone. We need businesses, individuals, and others to help us fight hunger in our community.


Every donation that comes to the Bonney Lake Food Bank is a valued commodity. Whether that donation is food, household goods, or a monetary gift, each donation provides us the means to fight against hunger in our community.


JOIN US! Help us put smiles on kids' faces.


“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”
-Martin Luther King Jr.