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Companies spend a lot of money on training programs. What if there was a way to provide free training while also helping the food bank?

Team-building through fundraising, food drives, or group volunteer activities has many benefits.

Leading a team volunteer project:


  • Develops additional leadership skills as an employee works with all levels of people in the organization to accomplish a task.

  • Enhances project management skills.

  • Enhances or builds upon an employees verbal and written communications.



Our volunteers impact the lives of the more than 3,000 people the food bank feeds each month.

  • Encourage employees to volunteer at the food pantry by sorting food, stocking shelves, helping pickup food, and welcoming clients.

  • Encourage leaders within your company to use their skills, talents, and knowledge to join our Board of Directors, or a committee.

  • Encourage employees to use their intellectual capital as Project Managers, Human Resources, Marketing, Etc.

  • Consider a ‘dollars-for-doer’s incentive’. For every hour an employee volunteers, the company donates a certain amount (i.e., 1 hour = $100).

  • Allow employees a specific amount of time during work hours to volunteer.

“Our partnership with the Bonney Lake Food Bank has been a great experience. We send employees to the food bank regularly each month to volunteer and the benefits in team building, morale and overall pride in their job has been incredible to see develop.”-Michael Norring, GCSIT CEO



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