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Farm to Fork

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We believe that by creating a space that highlights healthy food, models sustainable farming practices, and celebrates cultural diversity we can grow not only food but positive systemic change.  A garden is something that has long brought communities together, but our garden will bring with it a deeper meaning and intention. 


Our plan creates not only a self-sustaining fresh food supply that will be served within our foodbank Market, but it also fosters community engagement on multiple fronts.  We will consider this space a teaching garden on best practices and on how different cultures grow and eat. 


It will be a space where we use innovation like QR codes to further engage minds, while at the same time providing discover tools like a magnifying glass and a field journal for documenting your experience.  

Our goal is to have garden systems that include containers that surround the facility where clients can snip off produce or herbs, a permaculture food forest, and hydropondic/aeroponic gardens.


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