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Why the Food Bank is Important

We strive to bridge the gap between dependence and self-sufficiency. Our programs provide nutritional and accessible food to those in need. Our hallmark feature is that we turn no one away who is seeking food, and provide clients with weekly access to services. Our long term goal is the sustainability of services for those food insecure.

Bonney Lake Food Bank offers one of the core basic needs for human survival - FOOD.

  • Hungry children struggle in school, have behavioral and/or emotional issues, more absenteeism, and poorer overall health.


  • Hungry adults can suffer from a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure or diabetes. Many parents feel guilt and shame from not being able to provide for their family, and the stress of trying to decide between their economic challenges.....should I eat or pay rent?

Bonney Lake Food Bank operates two core programs, the Food Pantry and the Kids Backpack Program.

  • The panty provides nutritious foods to our neighbors in need.

  • Through the backpack program, food sacks are provided to at-risk students each Fridays for the weekend, so when they come back to school on Monday they are nourished and ready to learn.

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The Facts
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