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Support our Mission

Create a Cause-Marketing Campaign

Companies that engage with the public can support the Bonney Lake Food Bank with a cause-marketing event.



  • Generate additional sales.

  • Amplify visibility for the organization.

  • Increase reputational awareness –showing the company supports a good cause.

  • The food bank receives much-needed funding.

  • Create a Cause-Marketing Campaign


Potential Ideas:

  • Restaurant / Brewery / Winery / Etc. – Have a day where a % of all food purchases of the night (or time-frame) will go to the food bank.

  • Product Based – Consumer buys a product and a donation is made to that cause. Example: 10 cents is donated for every coffee purchased.

  • Point of Sale – When a cashier asks customers to donate during checking out.

  • Create your Own – See example of a success story on the next page


“It's important to myself and my coworkers to support our community. After a tour, it was immediately an absolute must for us to develop our own program to make it easy and possible for everyone to contribute” said Derek Eyring, Designated Broker/Owner John L Scott Lake Tapps and John L Scott Enumclaw.

"The check we cut every month to the food bank is my favorite one to write! With gratitude, we are happy and blessed to be able to work with the food bank. Not many things seem to be better or more important than making sure someone has food to eat and we are all grateful to be able to participate.”

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