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Support our Mission

Give an Operating Grant

General operating support is the working capital nonprofits need to sustain their day-to-day operations. A lack of working capital can prevent organizations from meeting basic operational needs and is critical:


  • It allows non-profits to build robust and sustainable infrastructure to ensure programs and services have the highest impact.

  • The time nonprofits spend on fundraising can be redirected to focus on program efficiencies.

  • It allows new opportunities to arise when the focus is on innovation and process efficiencies within the programs or services.

Right now, we are in need of monetary funds to support our organization. Every dollar donated goes towards:

  • The ability to purchase food items that may not be donated. *Especially need during times of emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Gas to fuel the trucks that pick up and bring thousands of pounds of food for our clients.

  • Costs associated with our building so our clients have a comfortable place to shop.

  • Payroll to support our wonderful staff who fight the battle against hunger every day.

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