Kids Backpack Progam

Every Friday, non-perishable food is placed into backpacks for school children who have been identified as in-need.


Without the backpacks, these kids often go home on Friday afternoons and may not eat until they return to school on Monday. 

Bonney Lake Food Bank supplies the food and the bags are filled by volunteers on-site. Community-Based Transition Program Alums then prepare the backpacks every Wednesday and Thursday at Liberty Ridge Elementary for distribution.


Children served in the following schools:  Dieringer Heights Elementary School, Emerald Hills Elementary, Bonney Lake Elementary, Victor Falls Elementary, Liberty Ridge Elementary, Lakeridge Middle School, Mountain View Middle School, and Bonney Lake Senior High

Want to help by donating to the Backpack Program?

Drop off food items such as easy pop-top cans, snack sizes boxes, and non-refrigeration dairy items.  Kids can just open and eat. 

Please no expired items. 



  • Peanut Butter (12 oz)

  • Sleeve of Crackers

  • Beans and Franks (pop-top can)

  • Beef Stew (pop-top can)

  • Raisins (snack size boxes)

  • Vegetable Cups

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Pudding Cups

  • Cereal Bowl

  • Fruit Cups

  • Snack Mixes

  • Jell-O Cups

  • Juice Boxes

  • Cereal Bars

  • Granola Bars

  • Chocolate Milk - non refrigeration

  • White Milk - non refrigeration


Kids that are not hungry do better in school.  Hungry children struggle academically, have behavioral or emotional issues, more absenteeism, and poorer overall health. 


Phone : 253-863-4043

Email :


P. O. Box 7521

18409 Veterans Memorial Drive
Bonney Lake, WA 98391


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