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Healthy Kids


In a time of great crisis, we made a conscious decision to address an epidemic need in our community and change every aspect of how we address hunger.  We did so with great speed, dignity, and innovation because food is a basic human right, and roadblocks to access required immediate attention.  In this pursuit of strategically eliminating barriers, we increased our distribution by 700%.

We do not have a typical story in the world of a nonprofit. Especially not common when you consider all our growth and progress amid a global pandemic. We recognized the challenges and embraced the opportunities to improve our organization and the system itself. There was no playbook to serve during a crisis, so we created our own. We were one part bold, one part strategic, and all parts humanitarian. And in this, we grew.

We GREW in numbers served.
We GREW in community impact.
We GREW in industry innovation.
We GREW in quality of service.
We GREW in operational efficiency.

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